Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Become Part of the Story with MotoX #giveaway #buggynight #MyMotoX

I introduced you to Buggy Night a few weeks ago. Since the I have been test driving the MotoX (when I can get it away form the kids!) and I am smitten.

First, Spotlight Stories is by far the most clever app I have ever seen or experienced. Using the powerful technology offered by Android on MotoX world-class artists have created a total immersed storytelling platform. Instead of kids (and adults) mindlessly staring at a phone playing a video you use it more like a camera. Where you look and move determines where you go, which characters you see and interact with and what your experience will be. this is my 9 year old doing it for the first time:


Spotlight Stories is bringing together top creative talent including Oscar winners, former Pixar and Disney animators and children's illustrators to bring you an experience like no other. In fact Spotlight Stories is the first platform to support Pixar's graphics standards in a real time format. No where else can your kids be part of a Pixar short, for free!

The most recent release "Buggy Night" is a beautiful mystery adventure. Armed with a flashlight you explore the forest to get to the bottom of the mystery. "Buggy Night" Night is the work of veteran animator and director Mark Oftedal; Jon Klassen, Caldecott-winning illustrator of This is Not My Hat and films Coraline and Kung Fu Panda; composer Scot Stafford; and Oscar-winning producer Karen Dufilho.

More stories are coming too! Glen Keane the artist behind Disney Classics like The Little Mermaid and Aladdin is working on the next spotlight story. This one will be in a complexly hand drawn world. I am more than a little excited. 

Spotlight Stories are only available on MotoX and is free in Google Play

What's that you say? You don't have a MotoX? Well today is your lucky day! I have a MotoX for YOU!

This MotoX is my most favorite giveaway ever because I truly love this phone! It's my third Android device and it's by far the best. It's made by Motorola so it's tough if you (like me) have the drop-ems (3 times so far no cracks!). While smaller than my Razr it's screen area is larger, clearer and more responsive. Little features like the finger divet on the back and the preview of what the notification is have sold me. I am actually switching to AT&T so I can keep the phone! (That and well I love the John Klassen custom cover that came with it!). 

Do you want to win one of your very own? Fill out the Rafflecopter below. Winner will be choose on Sunday. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Sticky: I have been provided a Moto X and once month service as well as compensation to share with you my experience. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Traversing the Gap

Traversing the Gap

The lines drawn across the path.
Separating here from there
There from here
He moves between them with  speed and grace
Moving from me to him and back to me
Testing the waters as he traverses the way from little to big



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