Saturday, November 1, 2008

Does this store come with instructions?

Target Sign
Photo Credit Mt. T in DC under Flickr Creative Commons
After we moved in and were getting settled I needed to go to the store. We had very little food because who wants to pack and move food? So I agreed to take the littlest one so she would stop climbing up and falling down the stairs.

Wow, when I got to the store I was so disoriented by it, I could have landed on another planet! For one, its ENORMOUS, there is not enough real estate in the city to make grocery stores this big. It should have printed maps (and maybe it did) right when you walk in the door. Or a greeter service that can take foreigners like myself around. It didn't help that I was shopping without a comprehensive list, I don't work off the cuff well. I work best with an extensive list which includes what I have coupons for, what's on sale elsewhere etc. .see also I Am Type A!

So after over an hour of wondering around and over $200 dollars later I have almost a weeks worth of groceries, I am exhausted and disoriented and I don't know how I am going to do this every week!

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