Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just like Mater!

There is one thing we have in the suburbs that we didn't have, or didn't have many of in the city, driveways. It's something the kids will need to get used to when walking (yes there are places to walk to!). However it's me that is having the harder time with it. See you have to drive backwards in driveways and I am not doing very well. It's a long driveway. I have to back up, turn enough that I don't hit the house or the stoop, stop and make surer there is no one walking on the sidewalk and then back out on to the street. In the week since I have moved in I have driven on to my neighbors yard, almost hit a little yippy dog, and ran into a bush. thank goodness my car beeps when I back up and get near things, if it didn't I am sure I would have hit the house! Parallel parking was so much easier!

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