Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lets get something straight....

There are more to the suburbs then sub divisions, not much but there are old houses here. My house is a Sears home built in 1926. I would NEVER have left the city for a sub division! Those cookie cutter communties may work for some people but not me. I don't want an attached garage, vaulted ceilings (wasted space), bedrooms bigger then my dinning room (all you do is sleep there!).

My rules for leaving the city were this:
- House must have character and be more then I could get in the city. More meaning more space, more rooms and more character be it architecture, style, history
- There must be at least one thing to walk to
- It cannot be in a sub-division

I am so tired of hearing from every single person that hears where I moved say "oh a sub division" or "oh are you in The Gingerbread man Community, I heard those are nice"

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