Sunday, November 23, 2008

RIP: The death of the nap

I was ths mom who said my child would nap until kindergarten. He probably could have. My son loves to sleep, at 3.5 most days he will still take a 3 hour nap. However since moving he has been up until 9 or 10, sometimes later everynight! We can't take it anymore because he keeps his sister up, and us!

So yesterday we voluntarily dropped his nap. Ugh, it was not somethign I ever thought I would do. I set him up with books for a quiet time, and didn't put him in a pull up (praying he wouldn't fall asleep and pee in my bed!) Well after three days of this routine (1 hr quiet with books, 1 hour quiet play usually on his own). His behavior is phenomenal and he goes to bed with his sister at 7. SEVEN! My evenings are mine again as opposed to draining with two bedtimes and at least an hour of yelling.

If this keeps up and I become well rested who knows what will happen. Last time I was well rested we ended up with another kid!

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