Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So many babies

I went to college in the county, not suburbia, full blown country. One or my roomies and now best friends was from a town of less then 500 people! Anyway she used to joke that the only thing to do in the country is drink (that's why there are so many bars in small towns) and have sex. Apparently at least one of those things is true for the suburbs too.

Every mom that comes into school to get their child has at least one child in tow, most have two. So either the suburbs cause you to have more babies/bigger families or bigger families are moving to the suburbs. Probably both. With the economy the way it is who has money to go out, you need to stay in and entertain yourself. And having a large family in the city is only possible if you are very wealthy, especially if you need to foot the bill for private school. So I guess its a what cam first the chicken or the egg question.

All I know, is almost as soon as we moved in hubby started talking about another one! Thankfully, he has NO control over that. My paraguard is staying put for at least 6 more months, or at least until peanut is talking. My life is complicated enough!

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