Monday, November 3, 2008

Whose first day is it?

Today, in just a few hours, is AW's first day of school. Really I think its a bigger deal for me. I am worried about what to wear, don't want to look to “big city”, must remember not to be to loud, exuberant, etc. This is going to be the first time I meet the other moms, it's as stressful as the first day of high school. I am trying to be cool and aloof and not care, like I was in high school. deep down I don't really care, I don't care if I make friends with them. It's preschool, it only lasts a few years and then we move on. I have close friends, I don't “need” more.

But it's not just about me and getting into the right “mommy clique” it's about my son and making him comfortable. My mother never talked to anyone, didn't know any of my friends moms, and didn't seem to have any friends herself. I want him to learn to be outgoing and friendly and I want to be that example. To be friendly and open to people but to not take it personally if it doesn't work out. Well here's to first impressions, I hope I look okay!

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