Thursday, December 11, 2008

Get more involved, step 1

So after discussing the mommy guilt with my hubby over AW's "all the other moms help at school" comment. He says to me "you know what you have to do..." what is that? Volunteer at the school.

Well apparently I married a genius! The problem is that I cannot bring Peanut and with no family near by and no babysitters, well, that leaves me in a pinch. But on Monday a solution was had....they need people to deliver Christmas meals and presents....hmmmm I can do it when hubby gets home....wait a second, I don't know where anything is here. I can't even figure out what direction I am going because a) I am too far from the lake and b) none of the roads are straight (is that a rule in the suburbs?).

So I volunteered hubby! That'll teach him not to be a smart ass! Now I did not intend for it to be a snowy night and horrible traffic. Nor did I intend for him to get stuck in someones unplowed driveway/yard. At least I am getting involved.

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