Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The land of Coach and Money

I am certain that at least 70% of the people we were friends with, and 80-90% of the people we met while living in the city made more then us. However where we lived was a bit of a hippy town so it wasn't in your face money. It was far cooler to be green, buy fair trade, or second hand, then have the hottest bag.

Here, not so much. I would say 95% of the moms I have meet carry Coach bags (the other 5% weren't carrying a bag!). Seriously do they give them out at the hospital here? If that is the case then I need a new OB. Besides being blown away that $300+ on a handbag is apparently no big deal out here. How/why are they all carrying handbags! Many with a diaper bag! I carry a diaper bag, a purse only if I am without child or with AW (potty trained child). But it is certainly not Coach. In fact the only name brand one I have is DKNY and is at least 5 years old form DSW!

Phew, keeping up with the "jones'" is going to actually be a lot harder out here! And to think, not keeping up with our friends is one of the reasons hubby gave for moving here! Maybe the truth is there is a secret Coach outlet with amazing prices out here? Hmmmm, we are going to open gym today maybe I will have to socialize a bit, handbags are the perfect conversation starter!

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