Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back to school

We went to an alumni event today. It was so much fun to see my son interacting with one of my old professors. It was also great to see him not shy and concerned. He didn't know anyone there, it was lots of adults, things that usually make him quiet and shy. But he wasn't, he shouted out answers, he practically climbed into my professors lap to get more questions answered. It just shows me that he is a really intelligent kid who needs more then the basic preschool answers. He doesn't just want to know that a tarantula is a type of spider he wants to know where it lives, see it on a map, find out what it its. It means I need to watch him, make sure if he seems bored in school I work with him more. Give him opportunities likes these where he can expand his mind. I want to make sure we foster this love of learning and he doesn't start to dislike or dread school Ike so many boys do.

It also made me want to be in school again, really want to be in school. Made me start thinking about life post babies...what will I do. I want to be available for them after school, when most kids get in trouble (I know I did!). I have thought about teaching, but don't know if I have it in me...maybe nursing, I know I can do that, I am just wondering if I wouldn't just want more....ahh, if only I knew what I wanted to be when I grow up! But it changes all the time, I was watching a Jon and Kate when they went to St. Jude's and I wanted to go back in to child life. I read a Scarpetta novel and I want to be a medical examiner....I am like a child. So for now I will focus on my children and hopefully by the time they are in school I will have a clearer vision!

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