Friday, January 9, 2009

Bigger isn't better!

I am so done sith SUVs! I know I sterotype SUV drivers, I am sorry, I have dear friends (Urs) that are lovely people and not terrible drivers so please don't take offense if you are as lovely as Urs, this is to all you punks!

I knew when I moved north I was moving to the land of big cars. One trip to the store and I learned that. I couldn't find my rather large wagon among the aisles of SUV's and minivans! But what has put me over the edges the snow! Seriously! Just because it's an SUV does not meant that it's a magical vehicle that will not slide on ice and snow. Yeah, Yeah, I hear the rates of 4WD...whatever great you have 4WD that does not give you permission to speed, to tailgate and to drive reckless in terrible conditions. I was tailgated all the way to school today by an SUV that then zipped around me and then started zigzaging through traffic on a non plowed street in heavy snow.

Wherever you need to be is not that important!

Sigh, I will step down now, please spring come soon. I cannot take anymore snow!

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