Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finding Balance

One of my New Years resolution was to stress less, live in the moment and try to find balance and peace. It's a tall order I know, but I want a happy house filled with happy kids and little to no yelling. It also goes hand in hand with my Body and Soul Challenge, I am not just creating a healthy happy body I want a healthy happy mind too. The detox was amazing! The diet and exercise are going better then I thought and I feel a lot better overall.

Now on to the mind and soul. I am currently reading "The Balanced Mom" and while it has a lot in that we hear all the time, take time for yourself, foster hobbies, don't feel guilty, blah blah, blah...It has made me start to think about things and given me little changes for how I can lead a better life.

So I am trying and I am working on it. I was out of my comfort zone today at a mostly mommy play date (it was a t a Starbucks) and I worked really hard at not falling into to old cliches of "mommy cliques" and other negative and judging thoughts. My new mantra is:

Everyone is being the best mom they can, in the way that is best for their family and their unique situation.

I think what I have liked best in this book is how she keeps coming back to how we need to debunk the myth of the perfect mommy. It's what fuels mommy cliques and mommy wars and all that petty high school stuff. The perfect mom, just like the perfect man, or women, is a myth. We all are the best that we can be and that needs to be enough.

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