Thursday, January 22, 2009

Forced to change

Moving to the burbs has forced a lot of changes in the way things are done. I am usually complaining about them...but I guess sometimes change can be good.

We were supposed to have friends from the city today, they all canceled for various reasons. It's hard we live far away and the more kids in a family the more opportunities for problems. AW took it hard, he really wanted to see them. So I offered up the usual, we could go to the library...we could stay home (my choice) and hang low today. “No! I want to see my friends, I want to have fun!”

Ugh, so I became resourceful, spur of the moment mom...pushed myself outside of the box. Checked the online calendars and event listings...tried to find something in a city I recognized as being close. Jackpot! Open bounce! I thought, this could backfire, I bet its crowded, AW doesn't handle crowds, may refuse to go in. Crap, it starts at 9:30...its almost 9 there is no takes us an hour to get out of the house.

Now usually that would have been it, but I also happened to have a coupon in my Oaklee's guide so it would be 2 for one and I felt bad. He has been so sad lately, missing our old house, and friends, and city (I do too!). So I did something totally out of character, I rushed. I told him if he gets himself dress and we can leave in ten minutes he could bounce. Well it wasn't 10 minutes but we were out of the house in 30 minutes (a near record!) and the day turned out awesome! The bounce was empty, only one other kid, and the kids had an amazing time! I had a great time too, I did something new without even thinking about it. I went somewhere new without getting lost! Not one wrong turn! That in itself was a feat.

But more importantly I taught my children that routine and normal don't have to rule our life and we can be spontaneous and fun and push outside our comfort zone and way of thinking. Hopefully this sticks and I can keep it up, we might start to really have some fun and get to know the area. The other benefit is that if I'm not home, I can't worry about the housework not getting done or how messy the house is...since I don't like cleaning it anyways! Out of sight out of mind!

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