Thursday, January 29, 2009

Getting there

I appear to be figuring out this suburban driving thing! I made it to Dominick's this week without looking at a map (okay I did call hubby to confirm, directions). I made it to a moms group where the location was giving as an intersection of two Rts. But the biggest accomplishment by far is learning hubby's short cut through a sub division, and I did it on my on.

My experience with driving in subdivisions have been that they are black holes that lead you into an abyss of curvy roads and cul-de-sacs that you can't get out of. I once was re-routed do to a parade and ended up lost in The Glen for almost 45 minutes, I thought I was never going to get out!

But this time I did! I drove in with tightness in my chest and sweaty hands, vowing that I would get out, and I did. Now I don't think its much of a shortcut, but it does avoid the freight train tracks where I have lost many minutes of my life. So at least I seem to be figuring the roads out, now if I can only figure everything else out!

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