Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hubby Recipe: Chicken Salad

Me: Okay one last one, how do you make your Chicken Salad?

Hubby: What? I have no idea it's different every time!

Me: Please? think of my readers! Pretend you want em to make it for you?

Hubby: Psshsha! Like that will happen!

Me: I said pretend!

Hubby: I take the leftover shredded chicken and mix it with Mayo (real, not that fake stuff) enough to cover and make creamy. I add lemon juice, Tabasco or hot sauce, whatever crunches are on hand red onion, celery, some people like pickles. Add a little parsley and done.

If you want a real recipe, here is a Basic Chicken Salad at Everyday Food.

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