Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Love-Hate relationship

I thought I should probably clear somethings up, especially for some old friends who may just now be reading these posts as they are feed to Facebook.

I am not a snarky, snotty city momma. I am snarky, I can be snotty, but I am not so snobbish to think one way of living, or one place is better then another. I firmly believe in "to each his own". I use sarcasm, humor, stereotypes, yes snarkiness to get through the stress, pain and loneliness of being in a hew place.

I don't hate the burbs, I just don't love them the way I love my city. It's genetic, like "blonde" hair. I am a city mouse through and through. I love everything about it and I can't help but miss it. Hubby, he is a country mouse that learned to love our city, but would probably prefer to live on a farm.

I love what the suburbs have given me, a beautiful house, a large yard, an amazing school, lower taxes, my husband home before 4. I also hate what it has taken away. My ability to go a week without a car, the diversity, the proximity, the ability to be spontaneous- we could/would see friends just walking down the street or at the store.

I wish there was a way, a place where I could have both worlds. But that would be a utopia that doesn't seem possible. So if I come off as an SUV, sub division hatting city snot...realize I am not. I am just a slightly stressed, very tired, lonely city lover who is trying to figure it all out and find her way.

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