Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh where are my manners

The things that get forgotten, that are missed, that simply aren't done anymore once you have children is staggering. Some of them you miss, like sleeping in. Some of them you don't even notice, they make movies that aren't animated? One thing that I have found entertaining is the disappearance of "proper manners".

I don't mean please and thank you, all parents do that a million times a day, we are teaching little ones. I mean the ones that people write to Dear Abby, Amy, Ms. manners and complain about. Formal Thank you notes, offering your guests a drink, introducing people etc. I was thinking about this yesterday to and from playgroup.

I used to be a great host, Martha Stewart my friends joked. I had menu's and drink lists printed before events. Place settings with name cards made. I would introduce people I thought would like to know each other...did you know that so and so also likes/works/does X, Y, Z....see I am so out of practice I can't actually come up with one! Ahh, I remember that first playgroup, almost 4 years ago. The house was clean, I had fresh baked snacks, a fresh pot of coffee and a pitcher of water and cups all set out on the table. Fast forward 4 years. I am lucky if I remember to offer a drink, let alone have something made up. Yesterday I was thirsty for some water before I got to playgroup, when I left,s till thirsty...not entirely my hostess fault for not asking, i didn't ask either!

All non parents I am sure get tired of hearing how kids "suck out your brains" and I am not complaining or making excuses. The truth is they don't suck out our brains, our brains just can only process so much information and remember so much information. Within walking in the door for playgroup yesterday this is what I had to do/think:

Say Hello be polite
Kids say hello
don't be scared, don't be shy
AW you know how to talk please say hello back
Peanut no don't go in take off your boots
AW please take your stuff off
get my boots off
coats, hats, where did those gloves go
oh hi new mom, yeah I am the "old" member
wait peanut give me your coat
please AW take your stuff off
what peanut you want to eat? we just had a snack in the car
hi buddy yes show peanut your snacks
grab coats, 1, 2, 3 where did that hat go
where should I put my bag and all this stuff
is winter over gosh I hate lugging all this stuff
chair, drop stuff
floor sit, peanut go play your friends are here

I think that was about it...I am sure there is more I can't remember because as I type this I am trying to keep Peanut from going up and waking AW, I am wondering how long he will sleep, I am thinking I am hungry and I need to heat my coffee...see what I mean.

So if you are a guest at my house and I forgot to offer you a drink, or introduce you, or do anything else, please don't hold it against me, I simply don't have the memory to keep up with it all...the brain is powerful thing, but it has it's limits!

Oh and if your waiting for Thanks Yous...their coming...eventually!

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