Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We're adults right?

So I am dreading tomorrow. We have a moms night at school. That is not the problem, this is: It's a PJ party! I know why, this week they are working on the letter P, the kids are having a pancake and PJ party at school. But come one, we're adults, we can celebrate a letter without being literal right? I am so uncomfortable just thinking about doing it, and I have to not be so my son isn't. It sucks. A friend said I should not dress in Pjs and tell them I sleep in the nude...that would be uncomfortable, probably more for them. But then, what makes me more uncomfortable, being in my Pjs or not being in Pjs and wondering what everyone is thinking and saying. Something along the lines I am sure of how that city mom is too good to play our game, to fit in, to be whatever.....sigh. I will do it, I will play along with the game and try to have fun, I just think it would be more fun to get dressed up and be, I don't know, adults!

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