Thursday, January 29, 2009

A word on picky eaters

I was a terribly picky eater. My foodie husband has almost completed my transition from picky eater to foodie, and it only took 10 years!

I fully blame my parents for this problem (aren't they the cause of them all?). My mom- not an adventurous eater, and doesn't eat veggies or most fruits. My dad almost always gave in and made me something I would eat and did want as opposed to fighting with me to eat what they made.

I was determined not to fall into those ways with my first. We all ate together, ate the same thing, and tried new and different foods. Aside from a period where we had to substitute tofu for the meat he refused to eat it worked. Then my daughter was born. She changed all our ways of thinking. She was born a picky eater. She wouldn't eat the homemade baby food that I made, that her brother had lived on. She wouldn't eat jarred food unless it was one brand. Earth's Best Organic, not the generic organic, no, only the good stuff for her! Our foray into toddler-hood and finger food have lead to one battle after another. the tricks that worked for our son, don't work on her. She is pick and stubborn!

I will never again blame a parent for a picky eater again! I now know, it's not our fault. All we can do is continue to provide them with healthful food and hope they will learn by example, or get hungry enough to eat whatever is there!

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