Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rainy Day Craft

The weather has been horrible! Days on end of rain and cold! Yuck! And now with the flu to worry about...ugh I was not about to take the kids to one of those germ infested (even when there is not a over-hyped outbreak) play areas. So I decided to break out the "creative" mom and do a craft. I should of known that crafts + PMS = too much stress! Oh well, it ate up time and the kids had fun!

We decided to use up some of the open white paper plates I had left over from a party. I found hundreds of projects pages online to turn them into one animal or another. We choose crabs (a favorite of AW) and I kind of enhanced, modified, made better :-) one I found online. I'll post pictures when my computers isn't being wacky (it won't do it now!).

Anyway, it was pretty fun. The kids got to paint the paper plates and aside from a 2 year old eating Tempera paint (it's non-toxic right?) and having to do a pre-lunch bath they had fun. It deteriorated into stress during step two. As a mom, and former camp counselor I should know that afternoons are not the time to try to do something new! Especially when kids are stir crazy (it has been raising for a week! and tired- 1 missed nap!) Well i turned my head to help my littlest one and my four year old (who should have know better!) used WAY to much glue to attach his that ended that! I now need to get more glue (we were near the end anyways) and I have a table full of half finished crabs.

Oh well, it's supposed to rain, tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the next, so I am sure we will have plenty of opportunities to finish!

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