Friday, May 15, 2009

Lets do this thing...

Peanut just turned 2, and she is determined to wear underwear...sigh, I was not ready for this. Mostly because she has just started talking and doesn't seem to have enough words to tells us when she needs to go, just after when she is "wet".

She also is resisting all the methods and tricks that worked with her brother. He practically potty trained himself at age 2, and was completely day trained by 2 and half. He was talking more and he did go to pre-school at 2, which she will not do and I think really helped him. But it's also technique. He seemed older, he understood reward systems. He got stickers for going potty, he earned matchbox cars for staying dry and wearing underwear. He had a goal to work towards and he did it. She doesn't care, and can't be bribed...or better I haven't figured out what she wants enough to use as incentive.

So I'm back to blindly trying to figure out how to encourage her. We put her in underwear yesterday for her first outing, a morning at the library and than the store. I thought it would be a good first start because the library has a small child's potty and I realized, I have to do it sometime might as well just get it over with so we can get on enjoying a diaper free existence. She did great at the library. we went like 20 times and she actually peed twice. So I got a little over confident...took her to the grocery store. I made her go potty before we left the library (and she went) and I kept asking her if she needed to go...apparently she did because as I was looking at the baby lotions (trying to find one for her nearing eczema looking dry skin) I hear "Mommy! Peanut peed on me!" Yep, filled the whole cart (they were in one of those little car ones) with pee. I stripped her down in the aisle, used her wet clothes to clean the car and promptly put her in a diaper and bought Pull-ups.

Sigh. That's all it took to train her brother. One big accident in a store and he never wet his underwear again. I no not believe I will have that luck. She seems to hold her pee if she is in a diaper and pee freely in underwear. Her brother was 1) a boy so we could pee anywhere and 2) lived in the city. We were always walking and could pop in a store or find a bush. She spends a good hour a day in the car driving her brother to and from school, to and from play group etc etc. What am I going to do? Someone at playgroup suggested liners, like plastic bags that go over their underwear, I will have to find them...for now, I have been sucked into the marketing of Pull-ups.

I don't think they will work. They didn't for my son, when I asked him once why he was wet after a non-nap day and he said "well these underwear are okay to pee in" I think wetting their pants makes them understand, a bit of embarrassment can be good, in this case. But she is different, that is not working and I can't have her peeing in the car. So we are going to try the ones that get cold and see if they doesn't help that the only choice is princess and she wants Elmo...but that is another post!

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