Thursday, May 28, 2009

Snapshots of life

I was walking through the grocery store and I saw a headline on one of those trashy celebrity magazines, Star or Enquirer etc...the had Kate Gosselin on the cover. It had a picture of her now and a picture of her right after her sextuplets (you know 6 infants grown at one time in her body!?!?!?!) and said "From Mom to Monster"

It really pissed me off. Now I am sure every mommy blogger in the world has commented on this and it's not like I feel I am an expert or anything we all have problems. What made me so mad was that any person with one shred of dignity would print that headline. Everyone has a mom, how can you ever look at your mom again after writing that? How would you feel if you walked through the store and saw your mom on a cover of a magazine being labeled a monster. Even if she is it still hurts.

No matter whether you think she is exploiting her children or not, my issues isn't with how she "chose" to be a celebrity or not. My issue is how the media (mostly the paparazzi) think its okay to demonize mothers. A few years ago it was Brittany, now its Kate...who will it be next. I am assuming that many of these photags do not have children. If they did they would understand what they were doing.

I also have a big disdain for all the bloggers and columnists who seemingly think that a snapshot caught when someone wasn't looking captures who and what a mother is. Maureen Ryan from the Tribune wrote a piece (that of course I can't find now) where she made a great point. What would your life look like if someone jumped out of a bush and took a picture of you and any given minute? Right now what would you look like? Is your kids standing behind you crying and screaming while you read this on facebook? Did you just pop a paci in your mouth because your baby dropped it? Are you exasperated or irritated with your husband because he asked you where something was that was right in front of him? How many times have you looked at a photo of yourself and thought gee I look stoned?

Raising kids is tough. It's not always pretty and its not always hugs and kisses. Sometimes we loose our temper, sometimes we yell and scream. Sometimes we flirt with a delivery man or go out with a friend of the opposite sex. It's called life and no one should make up a story based on the one second photo of it. Life isn't a snapshot, it goes on and on and on. Seriously if I was important enough to have paparazzi following me I would not get mother of the year. In fact I am sure there are days that I would make Brittaney look good! But that's because I am human! We have good days and bad days, we struggle with our marriage, our children, our life and our faith. That is true whether you are living under the eye of a camera or not. We just need to give each other a break, and possibly the benefit of doubt.

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