Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Radio Rules

We just got back from vacation, which means I have spent even more time int he car with my kids than usual! They actually did really well, not having an infant helps. However part of entertaining them meant we listened to Veggitales at least a hundred times, until I thought I was a vegetable (I would choose to be asparagus, all tall and thin...).

So while we were out doing errands yesterday, which we all hate doing but when the cupboards are bare...I came up with new radio rules.

Rule 1: Mondays are "Mom Days" - I pick or you get nothing...no whining or crying (like that's possible)
Rule 2: Each kid get whatever day, even or odd, they were born on. Which works great since one is an even and one is an odd.

Well it worked for the day...AW choose no music rather than let me choose. Peanut didn't like that (she was enjoying what I choice) and screamed and cried until he said we could have music back. Ahh....I love letting them learn lessons on their own :-)

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