Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Suburban Spread...

...and I'm not talking about shopping malls and sprawl!

I'm sure many of you have heard the joke about the "office spread". The longer you work in an office and sit on your ass all day the wider your ass spreads. Well I after walking around the other day I think it's even more true for suburban moms. The suburbs are making me fat! Seriously either my ass is getting bigger or Victoria's is making their underwear smaller!

First there's the lack of walking and having to drive everywhere (but I complain about that enough already)! But yesterday I was at Target and it really hit home. I wanted to hit two other stores that we're in the strip...but the parking lot is like two likes long. I parked int he middle and had I had a stroller it would not have been a big deal. The farthest points were probably a block apart but I was running in very cool shoes (wood and leather clogs) while carrying a 25lb baby...well my feet were not happy with me and I got the first blisters I have had in years!

But what struck me most is I actually saw people driving from one end of the mall to the other! Sigh. Get out and walk! Your ass will thank you :-)

Then there is all the food! We have playdates at McDonalds (I havn't not personally been!), ice cream Socials, every store is giving out cookies. As a mom of toddlers food is always on my brain. It needs to be prepared, and planned and bought and cooked...but I'm starting to feel like all I do is drive somewhere and eat!

It means I need to really work on my self control, and start packing fresh fruit in my bacg. My hubby and I discussed today how thesde kids are being carb-aholics. I trhink tonight we will walk to the farmers market and I will make them wach pick a vegetable to try!

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