Thursday, July 16, 2009

A body in motion

I have always been amazed at the awesomeness of the human body and what it can do. Nothing reinforces that and makes you take stock in it more then getting pregnant and having a baby. When you see that little bundle for the first time and realize, oh my my body made that! It's amazing, probably even more amazing for those lucky ones of you who were able to deliver naturally and really see the awesomeness of your body!

I'm being reminded these days of how awesome my body can be as I have stated my marathon training. I always considered myself a runner. I have been running for years a few times a week, for health and fitness reasons. But I know now I was not a runner, I am now. Than I ran for a time limit, need to get in 30-45 minutes of cardio. Now I have goals and distances and am amazed as the distance grows and the time it takes doesn't. I can go farther then I thought I could, I can run longer then I thought I could. It's amazing what you can do when you visualize your goal and test your body.

I am also amazed at how long I can stay in a constant state of motion, something I am sure more moms can relate to! We have had a busy week, lots of activities things for me to do in and out of the house. Sometimes this week I have sat down to dinner and though, I think this is the longest I have sat still all day! It just amazes me! First one up, last one down, that is the day and life of a mom, a body in perpetual motion. Much like the toddlers I am constantly chasing!

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