Thursday, July 9, 2009


The best thing about having a community of moms you can relay on is that they make you feel sane and normal. Because you are (really you are!). Since moving from the only home I've had as a parent I have increasingly relied on virtual communities to provide that sanity as I work on rebuilding the village that surrounds me and my children.

That is one of the reasons I joined Facebook and one of the many reasons I love Mamasource. Both websites have put me in contact with moms who can help me find what I need in my new "village". They also have shown that whatever you are going through, someone else is too, or has been there, or will be there soon! Yesterday I posted about whining and when I read my daily digest there is was a mom asking the same thing "What happened to my sweet 3 year old and how to I make it stop?!?!?!" It validates to you that your child, and you, are in fact normal and while I didn't get any new ideas to deal with it the comments from there, and from a friend reminded me that this too shall pass and we will all get through it by being patient, calm, and loving (and maybe scheduling a martini night so we can all whine about our whining children!)

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