Monday, July 27, 2009

"Even you can handle it"

My hubby...way more supportive then he sounds in a sound-byte! Tonight's dinner in his words, "so easy even you can handle it". Now I will admit that I am not the best cook, but I am the most improved and I actually like preparing, planning and cooking meals. If I can do it alone in a bubble with no input or help.My two problems are that I have to care for kids (and therefore burn/overcook a lot of things) and if hubby is home, he comes in and takes over- he thinks he's helping. I know such problems a man who cooks!

On to dinner tonight, like he said, so
easy I could do it! Now Crock-pots have been around for awhile, and while I registered for one like everyone does (and their mother did and their grandmother did) until I had kids I didn't use it much. I wasn't into stews/soups which in my mind was what you used it for. I have been corrected and have come to LOVE my Rival Crockpot! It's a must have for super easy dinners that don't destroy your kitchen (important when you are in a long running battle of Kitchen Chicken)!

So we are nearing the end of the month, the budget is blown and we are down to what I think Rachel Ray (the maybe two times I saw her show) calls "bottom of the box". Only for us, it's bottom of the
freezer. We are clearing out the freezer this week and starting fresh. We had a 4.5 lb pork shoulder and my hubby and son love pork, so that's our first meal. Normally we stick to one of two recipes, a Puerto Rican Pulled Pork Sandwich or a Adobe pork taco...but I was organizing my pile of clippings and recipes (it threatened to take over the office) and found a recipe from Kraft Magazine (a free copy that came with the house) and so tonight we are trying: BBQ Pork Sandwiches.

I modified the recipe a bit since our
Pork Shoulder was bigger and my kids (okay and myself) are not huge fans of BBQ.

Before: It looks like you are making a big 'ole pile of onions!

BBQ Pork Sandwiches - adapted from Kraft Magazine
Prep time: 10 min

1 boneless pork shoulder (3-4lbs)
3 onions sliced, separated into rings
3/4 cup of your favorite BBQ sauce (we used Sweet Baby Rays- Hickory and Brown Sugar)
Cheese to top (the magazine suggest the the
"bolder cheese flavor of Kraft Singles makes a great meal fabulous"- we had sharp cheddar)

1. Place meat in the slow cooker; top with onions (a great job for little hands, AW loved "popping out" the onion rings) and barbecue sauce. Cover with lid and cook on LOW for 8-10 hours or on HIGH for 4-5 hours.
2. Remove meat from slow cooker; cut off and discard excess fat. Shred using 2 forks or chop meat into small pieces. Return meat to slow cooker; stir to evenly coat with sauce.

3. Fill rolls with meat mixture and top with cheese.


This is not what I would call a "keeper" recipe. It was so mild, even for me. the kids didn't eat it, even with it's lack of flavor. We did add salt to it since there was none in the recipe. It may taste a lot better with a bolder BBQ sauce.

Also the recipe says to put the meat back in the sauce and mix up...when its done cooking a lot of fat is left int he sauce, which is normal when cooking a pork shoulder. So instead of putting the meat back in we skimmed off the fat and scooped off the sauce and added it tot he pork.

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