Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Food for thought

This is from the Jillian Michaels interview in Self Magazine. I thought it was so well put I had to share it with all my mommies.

Give yourself permission to succeed
"We, as women, put ourselves down and judge each other. It's like, 'My ass is fatter!' 'Oh, no, you should see my muffin top!' That's all bull. It's OK to put yourself first. Selfish isn't a dirty word. If we were all selfish, it would mean we would take care of ourselves and be able to give back to our loved ones."

*** This is the bit that really hits home ****

"[Being selfless] is not a good example to set for our kids. Would you treat your kids the way you treat yourself? Would you deprive them of playtime and adequate sleep? Would you not make their doctors appointments? Would you pick them apart and tell them they're ugly?"

No none of us would, though many of us do it to ourselves daily, and in front of our children. Make sure your making time for yourself, to be happy and healthy. I know since I have started running in the morning it has made me a better mom because I got to spend some time taking care of me.

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