Friday, July 17, 2009

Haven't we done this already?

The biggest thing no one tells you about being a parent (at least a stay at home parent) is how much like dating it is. Dating sucks, and I wasn't good at it. That's why I got married, so I wouldn't have to suffer through dating anymore? But seriously treading through the waters of all the other stay at home parent cliques and clubs is a combination of high school hell and dating. It's probably the worst part of being a parent.

For example I was at the park on Wednesday with my kids. AW found another little boy and they were off. They played so well, and for a really long time. My son has NEVER "friended" another kid at the park. He will occasionally play with other kids for a little while but then he moves on. I briefly talked to the dad but I was busy chasing after peanut. Well when it was time to leave he was so upset and wanted to meet his new friend there again. He even ran up to the dad and said "you have to come back here" Did I give him my card? Did I plan another play date? No.



Yeah that's what my husband said too. But I have been burned by a dad at the park and apparently it has damaged me. If it was a mom I probably would of. But by the time we were all collected and leaving he was talking to another dad, and like I said I have been burned. See there was this stay at home dad that frequented a park by our house in the city. I was always trying to talk to the parents at this park because they were few and far between (mostly it was nannies). Anyways, every time i said "hi, how's it going" or tried to make a conversation with this dad, he looked at me like I had just said "Want to see my cookies, they are very nice, we could jump in the bushes and rendezvous right here while our kids are in the sandbox" Seriously! IT was not me being paranoid because his daughter ended up being in my sons pre-school class so I tried again to be polite and same response...and trust me at preschool drop off I am not alluring in anyway, I am lucky to be showered!

So just like dating you can't move on and find something good, like a new playmate, because of a past. Ugh and I am still so made at myself because AW and little D played so well together and we haven't clicked like that with many people here yet. Sigh, hopefully he will be back next Wednesday afternoon...maybe I can take out an ad like in the Reader...Hey Big J who also grew up near the city. Your little D was awesome and we had a great time playing, would like to meet for another playdate. Meet us at the park Wednesday....lame I know. As lame as mommy cliques but that's another post...

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