Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kitchen Chicken

I am not talking about the kind that you cook either! I have been called, by my husband, the most undomestic women on the planet. I now that I am not, I however do not have that intrinsic domestic gene or sense. I gain no pleasure in cleaning, although I do like organizing! I tend to be happy with a good enough job, as long as I can't see the dirt/clutter I am usually okay with this.

I have had a major problem getting into the swing of things with the new house. It's not just the loss of our cleaning people (oh was that a sad day) but its all the extra space and the fact that its an old house, so I always find something that needs to be fixed! I've heard from lots of people on Mamasource that FlyLady is the way to go and she will change your life and you will have a clean house....maybe, but I prefer chicken. Like you used to play on your bike with the other kids, who will move first?

See FlyLadies theory that if you do a little bit everyday the house stays clean, does work in theory. If (thats a big IF) you start with a clean house. I cleaned for playgroup and have done a pretty good job of picking up at the end of the day, and this will last for like a week and I will have a clean house. But the first night I don't pick anything up, it will be a mess...mess breeds mess. That and two children and a husband who apparently have no idea we have closets and hampers!

So where is the chicken? Well there are several things that I don't do, I don't do litter boxes and I don't do toilets. This was practically in my wedding vows it's not a surprise to my husband. I have seriously only cleaned one toilet in my life and I almost died doing it. So usually he keeps it pretty clean. The other thing I don't like to do is gross stuff, the food filled at the bottom of the drain in the sink, that would qualify as gross stuff.

Well our kitchen now qualifies as “gross stuff”. I had all the surfaces cleaned off and dishes all done. I just needed hubby's elbow grease to clean the stove so I could wash the floor...than I left for a night and our dishwasher stopped actually cleaning dishes. So now my husband and I are in a battle of chicken. Who will flinch first. I have been doing a load of dishes (I don't have enough counter space to wash everything at once) and loading and unloading the dishwasher once a day. Him? Complaining that the kitchen is trashed...well maybe we could do something about that? So I am currently waiting for him to pitch in and get this done. In the meantime my floor is getting grosser and I think some of his dishes (certain gross things- like bacon fat- that I won't touch) may walk away. And while many people might be embarrassed by the state of this kitchen I am going to tell the world, why? Because its a great example of how real life and the real division of labor...not those rose colored images that magazines put out “make a list and divide your duties so no one is overwhelmed”. Blah, go on strike, play chicken...it's much more effective, trust me. Daddy has to cook dinner tonight because I have a meeting and I am hoping that it's the tipping point and I will finally win the game of kitchen chicken! Here's hoping for a clean kitchen tonight!

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