Monday, July 27, 2009

My Marathon

So I have mentioned several time I have started marathon training, but I don't believe I have done a good post about how or why. So here it is.

I have always wanted to run a marathon, sort if a life goal. It came to a need to do point this spring. I had a friend running one which was a huge inspiration, then they ran one on "The Biggest Looser" (yes I watched, it was a guilty pleasure!) and I had started running regularly again. Then I posted something on Facebook that I was thinking about i, and found out several other friends had run or were running. that was it I was hooked I was going to do it! It seemed like the right time, I wasn't pregnant or nursing and wouldn't be for at least another year (husband willing) and I wasn't getting younger! I also acknowledge my gene pool, and while many people run there first marathon and 40-50 etc....these bones and joints were unlikely to be able to do that. And so my adventure began!

I have decided to shoot for Chicago 2010. I have a long history (gymnastics, soccer) of knee injuries and tendinitis. I wanted to go slow and not be stopped by injury. There was also the nagging problem of a skeptical husband who thought I would die, or worse be injured and not be able to care for (chase after) the kids.

I found and online program whose style and mileage build up I liked and got to work. It was all going well and then I foolishly didn't stretch well after a 5miler, drove a rough (old) stick and then spent the day in horrible flip-flops, so I was I am suffering a pulled hip flexor/tendinitis (too hard to differentiate). It sucks. At least I went to the doctor (to stop the hubby's whining, I have enough whining in my life) and got things settled right away. I am now stretching more and I get to keep running, albeit at a lower mileage. Hopefully it will be better and I can resume normal behavior this seems to be getting better.

And my running has inspired my husband! He has started running and is officially "addicted". He also doesn't think I am going to die anymore (thanks to a seal of approval from the doctor) although he does think I am crazy. Crazy? Can it really be harder then chasing/raising/ listening to these kids all day? Besides it has given me such a feeling of accomplishment. I am guaranteed to be able to cross something off my list on running days, and that is enough to improve my mood for the rest of the day!

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