Friday, July 10, 2009

Sun catcher craft

A rainy day calls for a craft! This is a super easy craft that can be modified for any age or season, and maybe it will bring out the sun!

Clear Contact Paper
Construction Paper
Tissue paper (white and pastels are best)
Ribbon or string

  1. Choose what you will make (we did a heart)

  2. If working with pre-schoolers cut out an outline of a heart (or the shape you choose) with construction paper. Simple shapes like a heart, flower, butterfly will work best. If your child is older you or your child can draw the design with a black marker directly on the contact paper.

  3. Cut a piece of contact paper big enough to cover your shape, peel the backing off and lay paper sticky side up on work surface. Lay the outline on the paper.

  4. Have your child (or prepare before hand) tear the tissue paper into small pieces and fill in the outline, overlapping as little as possible so the sun can get through.

  5. When completed place another sheet of contact paper on top (sticky sides together).

  6. Cut out around your outline, punch a hole in top and hang in sunny window.

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