Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Would you like cheese with that?

Why does it seem like every year with children is harder than the year before? I'm sure it has to do with the fact that once you figure something out or have a routine it goes and changes, constant changes makes things harder.

Our current "stage" is age 4 going 94! Seriously, this child complains and kvetches like he is a 94 year old man. I may very well loose my mind before this is all over! I try so hard to stay positive, in general in life, it's a new goal. However after listening to several straight hours of this I want to pull my hair out!

I actually lost it today in the parking lot at the museum. I have tried very hard to plan this week with events that are for both of the kids and give equal balance to his desire to not do "baby stuff" (though I hardly consider 2 a baby!). I understand the adjustment to being home in the mornings with his sister is new and will take awhile to get use to, especially since he will be in afternoon preschool next year. So I took him to the local museum he had seen ads about the Dinosaur exhibit and he really wanted to go. I knew it would not live up to what he wanted because no matter how much I explained it to him I am sure he still thought we were going to the Dinosaur Museum.

I signed us up for storytime and craft beforehand, which they both love, and it gave us a chance to get in before it opened at 11. While walking around after the story he kept asking, when will we come back here, when will we go to the big museum. Mommy, mommy, why don't they have big skeletons, I want o go to the big skeletons. Well after 35 minutes of this (I was hungry too!) I was done! I calmly, but firmly told him if he could not be happy with what he was doing NOW and could not appreciate and start saying Thank you for the places I do take him, I will not be taking him anywhere, ever, again. The mom that overheard this in the parking lot gave a knowing laugh.

Seriously, how on earth do you teach a toddler to appreciate what he has and what he is doing? Apparently we are not doing a good job. In fact I found a great book (thanks to a review in Chicago Parent) "The Secret of Saying Thanks" by Douglas Wood. It's a great story and I thought it would help. He read it once now it sits gathering dust, he will never pick it on his own and if we force the issue he doesn't listen.

Sigh...I guess it come down to me being more patient and reminding him again and again he is blessed!

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