Friday, August 28, 2009

10 weeks down

I've completed 10 weeks of my 18mo of marathon training and I have learned a few things.

  1. If your not 18 (which I am not) you need to stretch before you run, not just after. It makes a big difference!

  2. It's easier to get up when it's sunny out and warm- the sun is a much better running partner than the moon and stars

  3. Even though they look like vicious man-eaters coyotes will not attack or eat runners (I hope that remains true!)

  4. I prefer running outside and must get some winter gear to make it happen

  5. I have become a stronger runner and go faster than I thought

  6. Running long distance is not hard if you have someone fun to talk to while your running. You can even run for over an hour in the rain and not know it!

  7. Cotton + rain = chafing...the A&D you get at the hospital post baby circumcision works great at fixing that

  8. Even though running makes me eat like a cast away that has been at sea for months shoveling every morsel of food and any protein I can find in my mouth I have lost weight

  9. If you make a public commitment to do something it's much harder to back down and not do it.

  10. 10 weeks is not enough time to tone your legs enough so that parts of your thighs will stop rubbing together (I am wondering if they will ever!)
  11. You really can do anything you want and dream of If you set a realistic goal and set out to do it. A really supportive husband help with this too!

My first big challenge comes up next week as we will be on vacation. I will certainly run, I usually run more often up there because it is so beautiful and inspiring...but going the distances I need may be harder.

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