Monday, August 10, 2009

Farewell baby belly

Babies go through many milestones in the first few years, many exciting and new chapters. The milestones that seem to be the hardest, the most tear inducing, for me are the smaller ones that not everyone would see. While walking and talking are exciting in their own right, everyone does it and you have some warning and a predictable pattern. Some milestones you don't. Like when your "baby" wakes up from a nap and suddenly looks like a they aged months in that one two hour nap. Those to me are harder to accept and a little more heart breaking.

My big realization came this weekend. PBgirl seems to be on a growth spurt and has sprouted legs that have taken over her body. I say that because her legs look longer but she doesn't appear much taller, if that makes sense. But this weekend I noticed a far sadder occurrence. Over night her baby belly has disappeared. That cure round protuberance that made her still so baby like you wanted to tickle and squeeze and blow raspberries on it. It's not like she is starving or suddenly lost a lot of weight, she has just moved on to a longer leaner toddler body. (If only mommy's baby tummy disappeared so fast!) So I will mourn the loss and hope that sometime in our future there will be another little baby tummy to love and cuddle. Until then I will admire the photos and remember my little peanut with her round little tummy and see what else has changed when she wakes up!

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