Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mommy Secrets...

Have you seen the website Post Secret? It's addicting! I don't even remember how or when I found it, maybe the "Dirty Little Secrets" video? I usually remember and check it out after I've seen a post or talked to a mom and she described something she did. Mom's are always referring to bad habitats as their "dirty secrets" ahh remember when we had secrets that were actually dirty ;-) For me a dirty secret is one that usually involves my kitchen! Ha Ha Ha!

Anyhow since my secrets are not dirty or fun but I will share them with you. Hopefully it will make some of you feel better and say ahh I do that too! Read on and take comfort that you are not the only one that allows it to happen!

  • Secret #1 I sometimes let my kids watch TV all morning so that I can get stuff done. It's very funny to me because I was totally ant-TV with my first child. He watched none until he was 12mo, and then we were really restrictive. However times have changed! I need time to get my house clean and prepare for the day. At least it's PBS!
  • Secret #2 peanut is 2.5 mo and she still gets a cup of milk, in bed before she goes to sleep, at least its not a bottle! Every night I say we are done and I won't let her bring it up with her but I just don't have the energy to fight her. Besides she is so cute...when you don't respond or tell her no when she asks you. She looks up at you again and signs it instead of saying it and gives you a look, like you don't get it, don't you understand...I said milk.
  • Secret #3 the only reason I have time to do anything creative, this blog, sewing, etc. Is because we are so cheap we haven't hooked up cable. Really. I got so much less done when we had cable, because I would get sucked into one show or another. I;m not a super woman, or an energizer bunny, I'm just hyper and can't sit still so I need to be doing something. If I had TV I would be doing that more.
What are your mommy secrets?

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