Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Statue of Limitations

So I got lost again last week..this is nothing new I get lost/make wrong turns/don't know where I am at least once a week. What is different is when I said "well we just moved here" my husband answered "You can't use that excuse anymore...we've been here a year"

Well for one, it's not a year...almost (9mo) but still not a year. But it got me thinking what is the statue of limitations on the "I'm new here" excuse? He says I can't use it past October because after a year I should know where I am going. Is that true? Do other people think that? Would he feel the same way if it was new to him too? See he's worked up here for 5 years, he has a really good idea of where things are not to mentioned a much better internal compass. Could I milk this for longer if we moved to a foreign land? A different state? I definitely have been living in a state of confusion!

It doesn't help that I am still torn between there and here, two homes one for real one in my heart...I have been trying to pull back. Do more up here and less down there but its hard. Especially for bigger things. Like Halloween. We should spend Halloween at home. Get to know the neighbored etc...but it breaks my heart to think of Halloween with out AW an E together. They have spent 3 of their 4 Halloweens together, in his head E (and L of course!) go hand and hand with Halloween....sigh. Another problem. I over think things and I am always thinking too far ahead. Gotta get through back to school first, right?

I have been feeling scattered and stresses lately and that (above) is probably a contributor...my new mantra...do less be more...I need to say no more. I need to plan less and be more. Not be more like I don't think I wear enough hats already...but be present, in the moment and not thinking about tomorrow, or next month or all the things I need/want to do.

Do less, Be more...sigh.

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Anonymous said...

You know what I've done in the past to learn how to get around a new town? I buy a local city map. Works great because you aren't depending on a GPS to get you places. You actually see where the roads intersect etc.

I hope your stress is eliminated soon. :)