Monday, September 14, 2009

A view from my weekend...

So I said I was in a funk here are just a few of the causes I have narrowed it down too:
- I haven't been out for almost 3 weeks, no mom nights, no play dates, nothing...
- There are apparently city cats and country cats and my cat couldn't take it in the country and tried to ruin our house and my life.
- Family = Drama I can do without
- things only break when you don't have money, time or energy to fix them. Dam you Murphy!

We are well on our way to resolving all of them, except the time and money, there is never enough of that! A visit from a plumber, 3 days of ripping up carpeting (see above), a new home for my cat (hopefully crossing fingers!) and a run with a bad ass mama and the start of afternoon pre-K...meaning 3 hours alone....ALL BY MYSELF....I feel almost, giddy?

It's also given me grand that photo. See that beautiful wood with a million staples in it. Well for one I want to pull the rest of it up. sooner than later I want to strip it and refinish it. It's just so beautiful and I do not know why someone who had the taste to buy a 1926 Sears Craftsman home would cover it up? I can't think of one good reason for covering up should be a crime! Especially very old hardwood! I also have sewing plans and crafting plans and oh so many ideas! This is going to be a great year!

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