Thursday, September 17, 2009

Calendar Drain

Do you ever look at your calendar and think what was I thinking? All week I have alternated between:
  1. What was I thinking?
  2. WTH? Why is traffic so bad in a corn field!?!?!?(I'm trying to reduce my use of the F word...not working so well!)
Seriously...a sane mom, dare I say, a good mom. Would have made sure that the first week of school was calming, relaxing and supportive. Especially if school was at a new time (we have just switched to afternoons). I am not that mom. Mostly because my husband won't buy me a smart-phone. Yep, total scap-goating, blame shifting, whatever you want to call it. I used to be organized and carried a cute planner. But my diaper bag has everything but the kitchen sink in it, so I ditched it. I now use Google calendar (yeah, i am pretty much a Google whore, I admit it!). It talks to my husbands work calendar, everyone has their own color, it links with's perfect for me.

Okay was perfect for me. When I only had one little schedule to keep in my head when I wasn't in front of my computer. Now I have two little schedules, plus my activities and commitments, plus my husbands odd hours or appointments and well...I just haven't found a great way to organize my kitchen so that it looks like a Pottery barn catalog with a beautiful organized calendar area. So I have had to change, cancel and move, not one, not two, but THREE things that I had doubled, or in one case triple booked. I feel like a complete flake!

This all leads into problem number 2. See when we lived in the city I can book us busy...errand, library time, playdate, picnic lunch, school drop off....etc, etc. We would run around ragged and be exhausted but it could work. I still have that mentality and it DOES NOT WORK in the suburbs.

Yesterday I had to drive less than 5 miles to gymnastics. I sat for 10 minutes on a 1 mile stretch of road. In between corn fields. I almost lost it with road rage in the car. In 5 years of commuting to the loop the only time I sat in traffic that bad was when it snowed or when someone crashed on LSD. Today I had to do three things in the morning...we were on time to only the first...I cannot handle the traffic out here. Seriously any suburbanite who complains about the traffic and driving in the city...never lived, or spent a great deal of time driving in the city because it is so much worse here!

My rant is lesson is learned.

I now know why my parents (okay my mom, i clearly get his behavior from my dad) always said it takes 30 min to get there. It was her go to line even if you knew we could get there in sometimes as little as 10 minutes.

I will never again schedule more than one thing in the morning before school.

I will never again schedule things less than 45 minutes in between.

I will try to find a way to get our daily schedule in our face in the morning so we all know what is going on.

Oh, and I am starting to wonder if my shin splint (since it's only one shin) isn't from driving. Seriously, this is WAY more time than I normally spend in a car and I drive stick....just a thought?

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