Monday, September 28, 2009

Cracking me up!

This kids are cracking me up lately. Peanut is finally talking more and more in sentences and listening to her and Monkey have conversations is usually hysterical!

Here are some of the highlights of the week:

- Daddy can we have cube noodles for lunch, that's my favorite - Monkey
(cube noodles would be Ramen Noodles that my husband introduced him to against my wishes when he was like 18mo!)
- daddy daddy, quick come outside, your flavor has flowers! - Monkey
(flavor is what he calls herbs and he was referring to the herb garden that needed the flowers pinched off)
- No mommy, I no Peanut, I (insert her name here) - Peanut
(I was carrying her down the stairs and said I was glad she was such a peanut or I wouldn't still be carrying her down the stairs, she is 2.5 after all!)

Me: So Monkey what did you do at school today?
AW: Sigh, I just don't know mommy, I can't think right now, I am so tired I am loosing my brain.
Me: What?
AW: I lost my brain mommy, I can't talk right now.
- we believe this is a direct correlation to reading Winnie the Pooh, since he repeatedly calls himself a bear of little brain

Me: are yours eyes itching you?
AW: No mommy it's just these eye hairs they are tickling me
(eye hairs = eye lashes)

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