Friday, September 25, 2009

Flashback Friday

I decided to use Flashback Friday as a way to share some of the pieces I have written for my parent's group newsletter before I was blogging. Enjoy!

February 2008

Love is...

It's February, so love is in the air, in all it's paper heart and cliché saying splendor. What is love to you? Love is one of the more undefinable things in the world. It means different things to different people at different times of their lives. Love is exciting and new, overwhelming, caring, so many adjectives can be used to describe love yet none can fully capture what love is. Love is like beauty, its in the heart of the beholder. Here is what love is to me at this moment in my life....

Love is...

...a big hug from a toddler, unprompted and with no reason. giggles, and big baby belly laughs

...spending the day in fuzzy footy pajamas because its too cold to go outside

... is what keeps you (most of the time) from yelling back at your toddler who is screaming about something that you inevitably can't undo (no I wanted to toast the waffle, pour the milk, open the package, etc.)

... a finger painting that was made just for you, until daddy comes home, than it was made just for him.

...cuddling with your children (even if they have to be sick to do it anymore!)

...what keeps us from eating our young (like some wild animals) even when they are up every 2 hours for the fourth (or was it fifth) night in a row screaming like some wild beast. All because of one teeny tiny tooth (as far as we can tell)

...watching your kids play together (finally!) without screaming or crying and knowing it was worth it, right, a good thing, to have more than one.

...why we still make dinner night after night even when hearing “i don't like (insert food that was previous a favorite)”.

...watching your children sleep, both of them, at the same time, even if its only for five minutes.

...daddy saying “I'll do bath time”

...having your toddler “read” you his favorite book

...hearing your toddler comfort your baby like a parent “it's okay baby girl, mommy will be right back”

...the first time your “baby” says I love you, if it it doesn't come out quiet right “Mommy, I love me!”

and a few from some friends...

...our almost-3-year-old daughter picking Daddy to put her to bed, not Mommy. - KK

...forgoing sleep yourself to stay up with a sick child. - KO

...that very first smile, that makes you think, "Darn it, we're gonna have to keep you after all!" - BF

Love is what makes the world go around, what makes us get up every morning and what makes life bearable. Love is strong, funny, overwhelming, adventurous, all encompassing, amazing, and personal. No one can define love for you, and no one can take your love away. You can tell what period of life I am in right now by love list (teething, terrible two's).

What is on your love list?

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