Thursday, September 24, 2009

Music to a mom's ears

"Hey mom! Can you teach me how to fold laundry?" - Monkey age 4

oh can I!

It's like the laundry fairy gifted me with this moment because she couldn't come and fold the laundry for me herself (I hope she's at your house MGB!).

He than sat down with me for 30 minutes and folded laundry. It was...bliss!

Know the OCD part of me, the part that still cringes when he wears stripes and plaid or mismatches PJ tops and bottoms couldn't' let him do it would be messy and un-organized and when he wasn't looking I would turn around and re-do it. So I had him do the biggest pile: underwear, PJs and shorts...and he got better as he went along. He even tried to help teach his sister how to do it. Although peanut is only 2 and she was not so good at it. It didn't even take much longer than doing it myself, and the best part. I didn't have to do it!

No wait, that wasn't the best part, the best part came as we were putting the last of it away and he said.

"Mommy I want to help with more chores. can I empty the dishwasher?"

I feel like God is watching over me today and realized I needed a hand and he sent it to me in the form of a 4 year old angel.

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