Monday, September 14, 2009

A need to run...

I need to run.

I would feel a lot better (mentally) if I could run.

If I run I will hurt, physically.

There is no good answer to this problem!

I have developed a pretty terrible shin splint and since its only on one side I am concerned its due to the original hip injury...ugh. I am sure not being able to run has greatly contributed to my irritation and funk. I have made an appointment with a sport med to have my gait evaluated and see what else is going on.

Funny side note, it's the same sport med doctor that was our high school sports doc, and saw me in high school! We used to call him Dr. Ken because he looked just like a Ken doll. When I worked at the hospital a few (okay almost 10! eek!) years ago I ran into and he looked EXACTLY the same! (Plastic surgery? Botox?) I'm not sure I will be able to get through the apt with out snickering to myself!

Unfortunately he can't get me in until 9/28...he only sees patients 1 morning, 1 afternoon, and 1 full day a I really should have gone to med school.

So I know I can't wait two weeks to run again, so I am going to try a short run tomorrow and I am going to pick up some tape and tape it up, like I used to in soccer season and see if that helps.

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