Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Odd problem...solved?

We are probably the only people with this problem. All the other parents I talk about this tell me how lucky I am or look at me like I have a horn growing out of my head. What is this problem? We can't get our kids to get out of bed. Ever, for anything. They just lay in bed and yell for us.

Yes, they are both in big beds and can get out.

It's made night potty training for Monkey impossible and it means when one gets up, they both get up (they share a room). We believe this started because Monkey was only 18 mos when we put him in a bed and since we knew Peanut was on the way we bought bunk beds and used only the top bunk (on the floor) so it was very similar to his crib, only bigger and with a shorter railing. He got up 3 times the first night and than never again. Ever, even when he was 3 and we switched to a bed with no railings. Even if he has to go potty, puke, or is scared out of his wits.

Okay, slight exaggeration. For about 2 months, maybe less, when we first moved baby Peanut into his room. He learned if he just got up in the morning (he had a clock and could recognize 7) he could have "mommy time". That ended and no bribing, pleading, begging, yelling, NOTHING could get him up.

At first we didn't care, it's a new house we get it. But he falls asleep almost instantly at night while his sister plays in bed for an hour. So he needs to get up, and does, an hour before she does. If I could get him out of bed he would get mommy time again, she would get sleep and we all would be sane...okay at least a little happier.

Well today, it happened. He got up all by himself and came downstairs! He of course brought his sister with him (he claims she woke up, she said he woke her up, who knows!) they came downstairs! I didn't have to yell, climb the stairs, get them up, they did it ALL BY THEMSELVES! It was a huge milestone for us and I hope this is how morning goes from here on out. It also helped that I set his clock ahead almost 15 minutes...so he thought it was 7, but it was 7:15. Sometimes you need to be sneaky to get a little bit of me time and hear the news rundown and weather!

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