Friday, September 11, 2009

Same dishes different sink

I think the expression uses a different room in the house but my blog feeds to my Facebook page and I have some older relatives (thankfully not my parents yet!) who probably don't want to see me talking like dishes it is!

The problem with traveling with children under the age of 4 ish, especially if your a SAHM, is that it's pretty much just like every other day only you get to do it somewhere else. Usually somewhere much less convenient than your home with fewer amenities and more hassle. It's less of a vacation and more a change of scenery. Not that I don't love it and appreciate that we get to do it!

I never went on vacations as a kid. Never. We couldn't afford to travel with three kids and my parents couldn't take the time off work and quiet honestly probably had no desire to stay in a hotel with three obnoxious girls who constantly fought. Seriously I wouldn't have wanted to vacation with me either! Instead we took long day trips so that we could all peacefully (or at least a third of us since I can't stay awake in the car unless I am driving) sleep our way to and fro and have a little bit of peace.

We spent the last week up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. My husbands family is very lucky to have what I refer to as a compound (nothing like the Kennedy's ) just a few small cabins on a lake and its been in the family since the second war. Its an amazing place filled with so much family history and I feel so blessed to be part of it and allowed to stay up here whenever we can fit it in. It's really very lucky for us because we could not afford two week long vacations (we came for a week in June too) if we had to pay for lodging and being outdoorsy kind of people with a son...a week on the lake is like rehab for the soul.

So while it's starts out harder than being at home. The long drive in the car, trying to adjust to close quarters, new sleeping arrangements, etc. After 7 days of sun, sand, lakes, canoes, and campfires we are in the swing of it and don't want to leave! The trip was even better this year because they kids are old enough to do stuff with. We took them both out in the canoe, separately and together and we hiked and tried to fish (fishing was not good this time). But mostly we hung out on the beach and just enjoyed not having anything that we had to do. There was no where to go (not that we could since we still have chicken pox!), no chores to do, no yard that needed tending to. All we needed to do was relax and enjoy.

That is what a vacation is supposed to be. To relax and enjoy being a family together, all in one place at the same time.
And enjoying views like this:
If only every day could be a vacation...but I guess that would make vacation, the every day and than it wouldn't be special huh?

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