Friday, September 18, 2009

Texan Mama's Flashback Friday


January 6, 2009


I used to be thrilled that I avoided having to date as an adult. I met my husband in college and we married shortly after graduation.

Then I had kids and realized dating, and meeting men would have been much easier then mom-dating! Making mommy friends, heck acquaintances, sucks. It sucks even more when you don't have a tiny baby! The second time around is the icing on the sucky cake!

I did the mom dating thing when my son was born. I stalked other moms of babies at the park and library, I joined a playgroup and did all those awkward "getting to know you" play dates. I meet some amazing people and made great friends who completed our life. Now we have moved and I need to do it all over again! Only it seems a lot harder. When you have a baby you can commiserate over lack of sleep, questions each other about techniques, etc. But mom's of toddlers...well we spend most of our time chasing around the toddlers making sure they are sharing, not hitting or biting, moving, distracting. There is hardly time to have a conversation with a mom you do know. It's damn near impossible to get the courage up to go start talking to a an already formed mom clique. It is mentally exhausting and just makes me miss home.

Oh well, as I am reminded daily it is not about me anymore. It is about the kids and I don't want to be the loner mom on the outskirts who doesn't talk to anyone. So it's time to get dolled up and hit the equivalent of the singles bar for tot gym. Wonder what I should wear?

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Gretchen said...

Bwa ha ha That is so sad but true! I never got the hang of mom-dating, so I started my own mom's group. It kinda forced me to get to know everyone! No way could I do that again, though.