Thursday, September 10, 2009


Tomorrow will be a better day.

We will start over with a new sunrise and chance to begin fresh and new.

I love the quote "You make plans and God Laughs". It's true in some many heart breaking ways. I feel that today...God was rolling on the floor laughing.

I started the day on my knees in tears...asking for strength, patience, courage, so many things. I'm ending my day the same was just one of those days. Instead of getting better it was just one disaster and failure after another.

But tomorrow is another day, another chance and we will start over. We will all start over and try to be better and do better. and I will remember that God won't hold me up and do it for me (I read a great blog that said it so much better and I cannot find it!) I must ask for his help but do it myself and remember that today is over and tomorrow is another day, and it will be a better day.

Good night.

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