Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday Words of Wisdom

Weebles Wobble But they Don't Fall Down
By Jo from Mylestones

And this is motherhood.
I pray for a spring in my step
And get a slinky in my shoe.
They look like twins.

But tell that to the mother
Who just fell head over heels
Over head
Over heels
Down the stairs.

I begged for bread, not stone.
For energy, not exhaustion.
Yet I'm twisted and breaking
Like a blasted slinky.

If I define good gifts differently, so what?
Why is His version the only one that counts?
Maybe He adorns me in these ankle wobblers
So I'm forced to hold His hand
All the time.
Whether on wheel-screeched parking lots
Or hop-scotched sidewalks.

So that I might
But not be hurled headlong?

Maybe that's it.

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