Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You're not 18 anymore

In the last month, 2 doctors have said those exact words to me (apparently they thought that I forgot!) and the only reason I didn't deck them or fire them? Well I'm not 18 anymore, and they both took care of me when i was 18!

So it turns out when your not 18...things take longer to heal, you can't train through ignore and hope it will go away. You have to (gasp!) actually do something about nagging pains! turns out that I don't have a stress fracture (which is good) but I do have a pretty serious and nagging shin splint. Caused by either increasing to quickly or because I changed my stride....so off to see a PT. have my stride evaluated, get some exercises and wait, and wait and wait.

I'm not very good at waiting.

In fact I hate it.

But at least it's not fractured, which I was seriously starting to think it was since daily life was starting to make it hurt. Toddlers are just that active, they can make it hurt in less time than a run (20-25min, 2 mi). The doc also thinks that my goal of 2010 for the marathon is totally doable...but I have to remember 10%, don't increase by more than 10%. Apparently I'm still no good at math. See in my mind I hadn't increased more than 10% because I was always running 2-3 miles so it was no big deal to do it consistently, I wasn't adding miles. Well I wasn't adding miles to the individual runs (at first) but I was increasing the frequency. So I actually increased my weekly/monthly mileage by 75%? (see my math still isn't that good!)

Lesson learned, as most of my lessons, the hard way!

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