Monday, October 19, 2009

Apparently this is serious...

I'm sick...not as bad as hubby, he is way worse, he actually stayed home from work! The kids beat us down with lack of sleep, then I had my reunion and we were out late, up early, walking in the cold, having an awesome time! However my immune system couldn't take it and bronchitis set in. Ugh. The worst is that it wipes me out and makes me so tired. I don't have time to be tired!

My husband is a funny guy. Very sarcastic, he keeps me laughing all the time. Sometimes I can't tell when he is being truthful and not funny!

So last night while watching the game he asked me if I wanted ice cream and I said no.

No? Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm just sick and I don't want any.

He comes running down the stairs, what? how sick? Do we need to call the doctor? Should I call our agent and change your life insurance policy? What part's sick?

Now I'm coughing from laughing. Apparently I have never turned down ice cream before.

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